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Satellite Communication Center, Ltd. (SCC Ltd.) has developed the following line of earth stations of a satellite communication (ES) for serial release a "Polus-SCC", applied for work via the retransmitters on a geostationary orbit (RTR), "Gorizont", "Express", Eutelsat, LMI:


  • in "C"-band with antenna diameter,m - 1,66; 2,5; 3,7; 5,0; 7,4; 9,3;
  • in "Ku"-band with antenna diameter,m - 1,66; 1,8; 2,4; 2,5; 3,7; 5,0; 7,4.


  • on automobile: antenna diameter,m - 1,66; 1,8; 2,4 - "Ku"-band;
  • in container: antenna diameter,m - 1,66; 2,5 - "C"-band;
                                                      1,8; 2,4 - "Ku"-band.
ES "Polus-SCC-1,6C"
ES "Polus-SCC-2,5C"
ES "Polus-SCC-2,5C"
ES "Polus-SCC-3,7C"
ES "Polus-SCC-1,6C"
ES "Polus-SCC-2,5C"
ES "Polus-SCC-2,5С"
ES "Polus-SCC-3,7C"
ES "Polus-SCC-5C"
ES "Polus-SCC-7,4C"



ES "Polus-SCC-5C"
ES "Polus-SCC-7,4C"



PAMA and DAMA lines and networks are organized by using "Polus-SCC" stations.

The submitted stations provide information interchange from 2,4 kb/s up to 12000 kb/s in PAMA and up to 64 kb/s in DAMA.

Stations "Polus-SCC" differ from similar ES in the following parameters:

  • antenna posts, radio-frequency equipment of ES and satellite modems are developed and made at the Russian companies (except for the multiplexer);
  • advanced achievements were used in the field of manufacture of the radio-frequency equipment of "Polus-SCC" stations. The control system of the station providing:
  1. Installation of modes of operation of stations;
  2. Transition to the reserve equipment;
  3. Automatic tracking a retransmitter at work, as through domestic, and foreign satellites;
  4. The analysis and distribution to the operator of the information on a condition of the equipment;
  5. Maintenance of the given signal / noise ratio in a radioline;
  6. Realizes functions of the control and management of terminal stations, thus terminal stations work in a unattended mode;

Reliability of station is achieved by practically 100 % of a reserve of the radio engineering equipment with automatic transition to a reserve;

  • Term of warranty service of the station is 1 year at one-complete station and 2 years at two-complete;
  • Stations are going with a source of the UPS that guarantees the feed of station within 30 minutes at absence of the initial power supply (220 V).

Antiicing and the videoreview system are delivered for the stations with antenna diameter 5 meters and more. Antennas with diameter 1,6; 1,8; 2,5; 3,7 m - offset type do not demand the system of an antiicing.

Besides the Management Information System (MIS) of ES provides remote control, the documenting and control of work of each station of a network by a principle:

ES main

ES intermediate

ES terminal (unattended)

The listed features of stations have allowed to make availability ratio
of the ES not less than 0,999.

It is necessary to note, that one-complete earth stations of a satellite communication "Polus-SCC" have the availability ratio (Kg) not worse than 0,98.



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